Free electoral roll searches #freeelectoralrollsearch

Do you need to conduct a search the electoral roll for free ? Perhaps you are looking for a long lost relative, trying to find an old school friend, or searching for a debtor. Online electoral roll searches allow you to access many search results for free (see diagaram below) and provide the name and address details of everyone in the UK that is currently registered on the edited Electoral roll, also known as the voters roll or electoral register.

Searching takes just a few seconds and the results are displayed instantly, as in the photo below the totally free name and address results are displayed at the top of the page, any premuium results are displayed below. To view the full free results all you need to do is register (it does not cost anything!) the premuim results cost a few pence to view.

free electoral roll search results

2015 electoral roll data now available for searching

The 2015 electoral roll has just been published, which has added a further 1.5 million new names and addresses to the database, ready for searching.

How to search the electoral roll

An Electoral Roll Search  is quick, easy and many results are free. Simply type in the name of the person you are looking for and the location you think they may be living in, either a postcode, town or city or county, press search now and the results will be displayed. You can also filter the search results by age range, occupation and location area. You can  limit  search results by year, for example only show search results from the 2015 electoral roll or by a range of  electoral roll years e.g. Show results from 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Other detailed information is also given like the price they paid for their house, phone numbers, company directorships held and even a photo of their house, as well as birth, marriage and death records.

 Data from the 2000 - 2015 Electoral Rolls is available and thousands of new details are added every week, so it always pays to check back if the details you require are not listed.

Electoral roll versions.

The electoral roll has two versions, the full version and the edited / open electoral roll which can be searched for free by anyone.